What is Angel?

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Angel is the first cyber security service designed and developed to cater to the unique requirements of the merchant marine IT environment. It secures a vessel’s business and crew networks by providing oversight, security threat alerting and control of the vessel’s entire network.

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The Navarino Ku band service from Intelsat combines highly specialized connectivity packages with some of the most flexible terms of use on the market. Designed to deliver reliable, high speed connectivity made simple, our Ku band cooperation with Intelsat is a game changer.

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Cyber Awareness Course

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A large majority of cyber security incidents experienced by organisations are caused either accidently or deliberately by their own people. Often regarded by cyber criminals as an organisations’ ‘weakest link’, staff and crew members can accidently or deliberately introduce cyber risks to your business and critical assets.

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MSc Degree at sea

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World’s first MSc degree in Shipping at sea via Infinity’s Application Platform Navarino and the Business Centre of Athens (BCA) College are very proud to offer the world’s first MSc…

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Fleet Xpress

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Fleet Xpress opens up new levels of connectivity and exceptional performance across the world’s oceans. Bringing together
the power of Global Xpress for greater bandwidth with the global mobility and reliability of FleetBroadband, Fleet Xpress is setting
the new standard in maritime communications.

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Ku Band

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Ku Band offers a wide range of flexible, economical connectivity options to the maritime industry. Navarino has a broad portfolio of Ku band offerings through our cooperation with some of the biggest names in the industry, Intelsat and SES Networks. Combined with Infinity, the industry’s leading optimization and bandwidth enhancement solution, our Ku band offerings put you fully in control of your connectivity.

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Iridium Certus

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Iridium Certus is the new mobile broadband capability offered by Iridium, aiming to deliver the most advanced and reliable L-band service in the maritime market to any place on earth, combined with the highest L-Band speeds, finally offering a real choice and a superior connectivity alternative for the maritime community.

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FleetBroadband is the first truly global maritime communications service offering simultaneous broadband data and voice via a compact antenna. FB offers you unprecedented connectivity between your vessels and the shore, regardless of position or conditions at sea. FleetBroadband provides a cost-effective, fast, reliable, and easy-to-use “always-on” solution for e-mail, Internet, corporate network, and voice services.

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Infinity Standard

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Infinity is the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution that can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communications systems, including, but not limited to, Fleet Broadband or VSAT systems (Ka, Ku or C‐band).

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Infinity Plus

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Infinity Plus is the second member of the Infinity family,
and houses all the features of standard Infinity as well as powerful virtualization capabilities.

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