Andriaki Shipping: Low cost Internet with 3 GB FB plan and Infinity

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Andriaki Shipping, has chosen for the MV ARION, the 3GB plan in conjunction with Sailor FBB 250 and 500 terminals. They also have the full version of Infinity on their ships, which enables them to share the 2 GB allowance with the crew for crew internet browsing. This is done by selling the crew internet pins which can be used in Wi-Fi access points at certain locations on their vessels through which the crew connect to the internet using their own computers. Furthermore, telephones that are connected through Infinity in each cabin allow the crew to place their personal calls from the privacy of their own space, while Infinity ensures that the voice rate is the very low rate of the 2GB plan, further enhancing the value and utility of the 3GB package for the company and crews.  The installation time for 2 SAILOR  FB units as well as for the INFINITY full version was 2 days.

Roughly 80% of the monthly allowance was used for crew internet and 20% was used for business which again meant that the cost to Andriaki was effectively only 20% of the monthly 3 GB plan. Andriaki actually sometimes exceeds the 3GB allowance, but thanks to the extremely low out of allowance rates that the 3GB plan offers, the crew were happy to continue surfing and placing calls are usual.

Therefore ANDRIAKI achieved to increase the volume and the efficiency of their business communication while at the same time they significantly reduced their net cost and offered to their crew members  much lower voice rates and low cost internet, that is expected to be a “must have” facility within 2012.


Some additional facts about INFINITY:

  • Low cost internet can be as low as $0.01 per web page, if the crew members choose to use the light surfing option.
  • The office has the full control of what type of Internet traffic is allowed onboard.
  • Our experience says that crewmembers increase their monthly spend appx. 20-35% when low cost internet PINs are offered.

By replacing outdated Inm B and Fleet 77 terminals, Andriaki enjoys the below additional benefits:

  • New FB terminal has 24month warranty (while Inm B repair is very expensive)
  • Real time e-mail communication – no need to wait for scheduled dial up connections
  • Much faster connections (FB 500: up to 432kbps vs Fleet 77: up to 64kbps)
  • Sailor FB terminals will offer up to 9 voice channels as from the 2nd half of 2011.

Centralized management of your business communication
Furthermore, they have taken the advantage of all the INFINITY full version features.