Angel Office promo: secure your office free of charge through August

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Angel Office, Navarino’s shoreside maritime cyber security service, is currently under promotion until June 30th, making it a completely free of charge service (no monthly fee and no installation fee) until the end of August. The Promo details are below:

  • Sign up before 30th
  • Free of charge cyber protection until 30th August
  • No implementation fees for up to 300 EPS
  • No monthly subscription costs
  • No commitment – cancel at any time before the end of August without penalty

As a 24/7 Cyber Security Defense Solution, Angel Office is completely dedicated to the monitoring of and response to threats / attacks in an organization. Cyber security should follow a holistic approach in order to properly protect against and prevent cyber incidents. Therefore, following the successes of Angel, the world’s first cyber security service for maritime, Angel Office has been developed to further an organization’s capabilities for cyber protection onboard and now onshore, ultimately representing Navarino’s evolution and deeper understanding of the complexities of maritime cyber security. Hence why the Angel Office promotion plays an important role in developing the shipping industry, allowing ship owners, captains, and IT managers to understand the importance of shoreside maritime cyber security.

For the free promotional period, customers will not be charged for implementation fees and monitoring for up to 300 EPS. With this 300 EPS, the service is able to monitor a plethora of activities; demonstrating to customers both the importance and power of the new service. These activities include the Active Directory (PowerShell, DNS, DHCP logs), the Mail Server and Secure Mail Gateway, Core Firewall (IDS/IPS, Web Filtering, Application Control, VPN), and the Antivirus Server, making it an all-encompassing promotional opportunity for customers.

The process for the promotion has been simplified for ease of access to this opportunity. Navarino, working with Neurosoft, are able to grasp the specific needs of customers through a questionnaire and following this, a meeting. With each step, an organization’s needs, desires, and requirements are deeply considered with the service tailored to adapt throughout the process, without compromising quality. If the customer wants to include more infrastructure than the 300 EPS, for example, the customer will work with Neurosoft to maintain the service at a level with which it is still free, whether this includes removing low priority infrastructure or only charging for the additional infrastructure.

Additionally, the promotional opportunity requires just a few prerequisites for implementation, including a virtualization environment for virtual collector installation, and the customer’s IT department to be available for an onboarding period of 2 weeks.

Overall, the Angel Office promotion, which makes it a completely free of charge service for its promotional period, proves a noteworthy opportunity for customers to not only try out the latest Navarino innovation, but to embrace a culture of holistic cyber security prevention, protection, and response.