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Primebulk Shipmanagement rolls out Quazar, our unique IT managed service

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Athens-based Primebulk Shipmanagement Ltd operates a fleet of 9 vessels. The company recently decided to begin implementing Navarino’s innovative new Quazar platform across its fleet. Quazar is an easy to deploy…

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How Quazar and the new version of Spectrum combine to help our customers comply with IMO requirements

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During its 96th session in 2016, the Maritime Safety Committee implemented a maritime cyber security framework for the first time,  named the “Interim guidelines on maritime cyber risk management”. These…

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Key Drivers for Digitalization: A deeper look at Inmarsat’s Survey Part 2

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The 2020 Digitalization Uncovered research report, conducted and carried out by Inmarsat, gives us a deeper insight into the shipping industries primary drivers for adopting digital practices, procedures, and technology.…

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How does Quazar help our customers comply with IMO and BV cyber requirements

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Prior to 2016, maritime cyber security wasn’t a major consideration for shipping stakeholders and bodies. Shipping was a typically staid industry, relying heavily on traditional pen and paper methods and…

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Navarino introduces Angel Office, extending Angel’s cyber security protection to ship operator’s onshore infrastructure

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As shipping company’s fleets become increasingly office-like in their operations, communication and cohesion between onshore / offshore activities has expanded and evolved. This means greater care is needed to protect…

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Millenia Maritime chooses Navarino’s Prodigy Ku band service in combination with Spectrum

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1 month ago, Millenia Maritime oversaw the installation of Navarino’s new Prodigy service on a chemical tanker in Piraeus port. With 6 of their 7-vessel fleet under the support of…

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