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Eurobulk works with Navarino to expand its onboard connectivity options and to upgrade vessels’ ICT infrastructure

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Eurobulk has a mixed fleet of 28 ocean-going bulkers and containers. 10 of them have already installed either Inmarsat Fleet Xpress or FleetBroadband with large allowance plans from Navarino and each…

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A day in the Navarino After Sales Support Department

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As specialists in satellite connectivity, hardware and ICT, the scope of our work is broad. A typical day in Navarino’s After Sales Support begins with us taking over from our…

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Keeping vessel attendances going during the pandemic- an interview with our Field Service Manager, Apostolos Antoniou

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The global pandemic has seen enormous changes to all areas of our lives. In this interview, Apostolos Antoniou, our Field Service Manager, outlines how the Navarino Field Service Management (FSM)…

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Infinity’s upgraded Quality of Service brings enhanced flexibility and capabilities to your bandwidth management

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As part of its continuous development Infinity will soon see an update to its Quality of Service (QoS) functionality. Quality of Service (QoS) is the process of treating various parts…

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Prodigy’s Ku band network uses sustainable technology as Intelsat launches the first satellite-servicing spacecraft

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Earlier this year Intelsat successfully docked its Intelsat 901 satellite (IS-901) satellite to Northrop Grumman’s new Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1). This historic accomplishment marks the first time two commercial satellites…

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Roxana Shipping teams up with Navarino to install ‘game-changer’ Fleet Xpress

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Roxana Shipping has recently completed a major technology upgrade project that saw the company install Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (FX) on all 10 of its tanker fleet. The project has provided…

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Minerva Marine Inc.’s connectivity and technology upgrade sees its fleet adopt Fleet Xpress and Infinity Cube with Navarino

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One of Greece’s largest ship operators, Minerva Marine Inc. (“Minerva”), has installed Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress alongside Navarino technology onboard the majority of its managed vessels. 63 vessels have now adopted…

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The Seafarers Happiness Index

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The contemporary economy is seeing an important shift taking place, a shift of focus onto people. Whilst commercial supply chains are typified by an emphasis on numbers, statistics, and money,…

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Navarino’s Spectrum service is available now – the most powerful suite of ICT tools designed for merchant marine

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Navarino is proud to announce that its new Spectrum service launched on the 1st of July 2020 and is available now. Spectrum is the new software suite fully designed and…

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