Case Studies

Crew Internet with the fixed fee plan at Teo Shipping

950 635 Navarino

Teo Shipping is using the 10 GB Very Large Allowance plan, together with Infinity on their vessel the ‘MV Sfakia Wave’. The ship has two Fleet Broadband 500 antennas, one…

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Crew Internet with Infinity at Kyklades Maritime

950 434 Navarino

Kyklades Maritime has 6 vessels using the 3GB plan with Infinity on their vessels. They use two FBB antennas, one FBB 500 for business use, and one FBB 250 for…

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Grieg Shipping: Free crew Internet with VLA FB plan and Infinity

324 245 Navarino

Nearly 600 crew members working for Grieg Shipping can now surf the internet for free and call home for less, thanks to FleetBroadband and Infinity. The Norwegian company, owner of…

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Andriaki Shipping: Low cost Internet with 3 GB FB plan and Infinity

493 335 Navarino

Andriaki Shipping, has chosen for the MV ARION, the 3GB plan in conjunction with Sailor FBB 250 and 500 terminals. They also have the full version of Infinity on their…

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