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Maersk Tankers: simplifying comms with a single supplier

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Maersk Tankers, with more than 80 tankers in its fleet, is currently in the process of rolling out a new communications infrastructure on board its ships. The key focus of…

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Would a Google Ship be beta?

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Will shipping ever catch up with its automotive and airline counterparts interms of harnessing information technology? Shipping is years behind its automotive and airline cousins in harnessing information technology and…

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“Apps will change the landscape of shipping dramatically”

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Ronald Spithout, as his name might suggest, is a plain speaker – someone who does not mince words, with a clear vision of where he sees maritime communications heading. The…

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Communicating your opinion

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We asked 150 top owners and managers for their thoughts on the future of maritime communications. *First published in Maritime CEO satellite communications June 2015

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The connectivity debate

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Poor connectivity is the single largest factor disincentivising the best and brightest youth from espousing seafaring as a career.” That was the view of one seafarer in a poll carried…

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Good satcoms have an exponential benefit on vessel’s cost

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A ship’s outlay on satellite communications is typically just 0.3% of its total operating costs, yet this investment can bring savings of up to 10% Shipping has come a long…

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