Corporate Social Responsilibility




At Navarino, we acknowledge that all our decisions impact our people, customers, vendors, shareholders, stakeholders and the communities in which we perform our business. All those parties together form the community we serve.

Guided by our values and heritage, we deeply believe that any positive social and environmental responsibility actions are not only an obligation, but an eternal duty to be fulfilled.

It is of strategic importance for Navarino to maximize the creation of shared value for our community through our Philanthropy and Charity work, Volunteering and Sponsorships.

Charity and Philanthropy: Our charity actions focus on the relief of suffering and tackling social and environmental problems. Our aim is to engage ourselves in a long-term philanthropic strategy, where we focus on seeking out the root causes of existing problems and endeavour to find solutions.

Voluntarism: We encourage our staff to embrace a volunteering culture by inspiring them and creating volunteering opportunities that are based on corporate aims but also by supporting and adopting their own ideas for activism that can make a difference to our community.

Sponsorships: In the context of our social and environmental engagement, we support like-minded organizations and people in the educational sector, public sector and public services on projects such as fundraisers, sporting events, school performances and any worthwhile events relevant to our community.

Navarino’s Corporate Governance framework is based on four pillars: transparency, accountability, responsibility and fairness. It includes compliance, the protection of our IT systems and the relationship with our stakeholders.

To ensure long-term continuity, risk management and success, we strive to ensure our corporate interests are fully aligned with the law by establishing, applying and monitoring rules to ensure transparency, accountability and compliance of the group and its people with all regulatory, statutory and legislative requirements.

We focus on honouring and monitoring our contractual obligations towards our Customers and Vendors.

We set high quality standards for our services, operations and our people’s knowledge development and we adopt Best Practices, Policies, Processes, Procedures and Training that support us in achieving high levels of efficiency.

Our mentality encompasses business and social ethical standards, our values and embracing different cultures in all the areas in which we operate. All our actions and decisions that affect our Community are made responsibly and fairly.

We have adopted corporate governance practices that relate to our Information Technology Systems. Our IT strategy is aligned with our business strategy, and it describes the current and future needs of our technological infrastructure.

Policies and Procedures for IT follow required safeguards and control mechanisms, including but not limited to hardware and software protection (access security, data-systems-network protection, communications infrastructure) and daily support of users and operations. Moreover, a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan, based on a Business Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment are ready if required. We have identified all the critical operations, systems and resources, evaluated threats and risks based on likelihood and impact and established, in consultation with Marsh, recovery times and points.

Human Rights and Whistleblowing Policy
Business Continuity Plan

Navarino supports the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeks to replicate these in its business operations wherever feasible. We respect the human rights of all staff as described in the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including the right to a statutory minimum wage, freedom of association, the elimination of slavery and human trafficking and of all forms of discrimination in the workplace. Navarino expects its suppliers to follow the same principles and has to that end implemented a due diligence process to ensure that no Navarino suppliers are involved in slave labour or human trafficking. Our statements on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery can be found below:

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2018/2019
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2019/2020
Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2020/2021

Navarino also operates a whistleblowing scheme, allowing employees or external parties to raise anonymous and confidential concerns regarding the actions of business partners, managers or other employees. The scheme can be used for reporting any concern, including corruption, human rights and any related issues. To report any such concern please email:

s(172) Statement