Crew Internet with Infinity at Kyklades Maritime

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Kyklades Maritime has 6 vessels using the 3GB plan with Infinity on their vessels. They use two FBB antennas, one FBB 500 for business use, and one FBB 250 for crew use, with usage of the 3GB plan split over the two terminals. Business email and applications are done using Rydex software, which allows them to email, and synchronise folders with NS5, the PMS systems.

The crew can get online using a dedicated computer in the ships office, and Kyklades have also set up wifi access points on board so that crewmembers can also surf the internet using their own computers, smartphones and tablets. Kyklades sells crew internet PINs in denominations of 25 MBs, and usage has been high, as the graph shows. In yellow is the crew usage, and in green the business usage, and as one would expect, crew usage is by far where most of the 3GB of the plan is consumed.