Crew Internet with the fixed fee plan at Teo Shipping

950 635 Navarino

Teo Shipping is using the 10 GB Very Large Allowance plan, together with Infinity on their vessel the ‘MV Sfakia Wave’. The ship has two Fleet Broadband 500 antennas, one Sailor and one JRC, so that there is always a back up unit if one terminal fails for some reason. They chose this fixed fee plan both to have more options for their business applications, and also to offer their crew internet access at sea. The plan is to set up a VPN for file sharing over the business network, and to begin using PMS and purchasing applications on board.

For the crew, internet access is offered through Infinity using PINs that are sold to the crew, and which have a time limit of 10 hours surfing per PIN. Since the system was installed in January 2012, crew use has grown enormously as they crew adapt to the ability to get online – at the start of the year Teo were selling forty 10 hour PINs per month, which in recent months has grown to one hundred 10 hour PINs per month.

The office is also very satisfied with the new plan, which this quote from their IT Dept explains ‘We are very happy with this solution because we have not had ANY problems with this vessel regarding communications. The solution is extremely stable and ‘one less headache for I.T.’ We are also happy with the profit made from the sale of internet PINs – this vessel has consistently made use of the internet service and brought the company roughly half of the cost of the VLA monthly fee each month.’

Below is a graph that shows what a crewmember sees when he gets online using Infinity. The Infinity Pop Up allows him to manage all aspects of each online session.