CSR Journal January 2021

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Agia Anna playground construction Coronavirus contribution
The purpose of Navarino’s CSR department is to support those in the most vulnerable of positions, and oftentimes this means children. The Agia Anna Institution for Girls is currently housing more than twenty girls and has housed more than five hundred since it started operation in 1972. The institute offers support across all levels, including food, shelter, medical and wellbeing support and also operates as a creative learning center – teaching its children necessary life skills. Navarino had the chance to admire the work of the Institute’s personnel who, with a little, achieve a lot; offering time and care to those most vulnerable. During the first Covid-19 lockdown and in touch with the Institute’s management, Navarino CSR Dpt. financed and coordinated the construction of a 100 sqm open-air playground within the Institute’s premises. The project was built under all current safety rules, with outdoor instruments imported from Scandinavia.

Piraeus Municipality Social Co.Sponsorship
The citizens of Piraeus, which is one of the main epicenters for Navarino CSR operations, have not only been facing the repercussions of a years-long financial crisis and unemployment, but the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic too. Therefore, the Navarino CSR department has partnered with the Piraeus Social Company (KODEP) to participate in a program called “We are all a Family during Covid-19” in order to support the citizens of Piraeus in such a challenging time. KODEP was established in 2011 after the merging of the Municipal Corporation for the Integration and Aid of Foreign Citizens of Piraeus and the Public Utility of Social Welfare. For years, the organization has been providing services to the most vulnerable individuals living within the communities of Piraeus.

The key pillars of the organizations’ activities are:
• Provision of care for economically and socially disadvantaged citizens through the program’s volunteers
• Provision of dry food packages
• Clothing for those in need
• Provision of information regarding health promotion and prevention (including Covid-19)
• Implementation of policies and programs aiming to support vulnerable social groups

In Navarino’s case, we arranged for the purchase and distribution of supermarket cheques which will directly help 100 families-of the greater Piraeus area- in need.

EDASA Equipment Sponsorship
In such a turbulent time, it is important to appreciate the things that remain constant. One such example is the pressing environmental issue pervading our society and our ultimate need to protect the forests surrounding the cities we live in. In appreciation of the volunteer group Edasa which, since 1987, has used its two outposts to monitor the well-being of the forests of Mount Parnitha through fire-watching, fire-suppression, reforestation and seed collection, among other activities, Navarino procured two new pairs of professional binoculars in June to increase monitoring capacity and support in the protection of the forests of Attica.

SYNENOSIS (Greek Shipowners Social Welfare Company)

Navarino has proudly supported Synenosis, a collective platform of the ship-owning community. Synenosis was created for the development of social support initiatives that contribute to the national good of Greece, including: re-directing food and medical aid, social care, maritime education and scholarships, as well as the financing of projects of public interest such as the renovation of hospitals and schools, spending more than 13 Million euros this year alone.

Sailors’ Society Contribution
The international maritime charity, The Sailors’ Society, has been providing practical and emotional support to seafarers and their families, as well as health services and disaster relief, since 1818. The organization has supported many relief efforts, such as purchasing motorized boats to ensure seafarer’s children in a remote Philippino village can safely access school without having to swim 2km in deadly tidal waters, as well as intervening in Jakarta’s port area; enabling the reopening of a health clinic which had previously been closed due to government restrictions. Moreover, for those in need of psychological support, the Sailor’s Society sends chaplains around the world and onboard vessels, as well as offering coaching programs and applications to those needing emotional wellbeing support. In July, Navarino’s UK office supported a family project in the Davao City of the Philippines. Funds were directed to a mother and her four young children whose lives were devastated after the loss of their seafaring husband / father. The work of the Sailor’s Society remains tremendously important, and Navarino are proud to continue to support such a cause.

Serres General Hospital Respirator
Serres prefecture has become one of the worst hit Covid-19 areas experiencing daily, a large number of Greece’s pandemic-related deaths. The dire situation at the Serres General Hospital came to our attention through a Navarino Senior staff member, who informed us that the hospital lacked a vital ‘High Flow’ respirator for its patients. Navarino took swift action and added the remaining funds for an immediate purchase.

Academic support Nicosia, Cyprus
In November, our Cyprus office directed our attention to a school in Nicosia that was lacking the necessary IT technology and equipment that would facilitate and enable the increasingly long-distance learning needs of its pupils, Therefore, Navarino happily sponsored the purchase of two fully equipped PCs.


SEAD Basketball Court
SEAD-Afidnai (ΣΕΑΔ-Αφιδναι) was formed in 2014 by a group of local residents who uphold a high level of environmental consciousness and the will to commit a large part of their free time to protecting the forests that surround us. All members have undergone training from the Fire Department Academy and were certified as formal “volunteer fire fighters” as part of the civil protection mechanism. Since such time, they have helped in the fight against deadly wildfires which have devastated Greece in the past, as well as providing early warnings of any fire activity in the area. They now number 100 volunteers and are still  strongly committed to the protection of human life, forests, and infrastructure. In June we financed the construction of a basketball court thus making their stand-by time, more entertaining.


Kritikos Tavern Free Meals Support
At the end of the year we noticed through the media, that a certain Taverna in Keratsini (Greater Piraeus) instead of being closed, decided to keep open for the sole purpose of preparing and distributing free meals to families in need. It seemed too good to pass, so Navarino staff was invited to contribute to this effort by purchasing specific material used in their meals preparation. On December 30th we gathered and delivered food, assisting to a better New Year’s meal for over 200 families in the area.

Kos Port Police Awarding Plate
In August of 2020, Navarino’s Mr Panos Tsikopoulos was awarded a plate of Thanks from Kos Port Police office for our support in providing apparel and equipment, earlier this year.