CSR Journal July 2020

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Navarino’s newly created CSR Department is delighted to introduce to you the first edition of our CSR Journal. We have made the decision to formally create a CSR department in order to help us to support society in a structured way and to find partners with whom we can work together on projects that help our wider society. The main purpose of this journal is to discover and align with other organisations who want to work together on CSR projects, to create a network of like-minded companies working together for the  broader benefit of our communities, our environment and the young. If your company is interested in sharing any ideas or in partnering with Navarino on projects like the ones you will read in this journal, please let us know on CSR@navarino.gr

Ministry of Health Coronavirus contribution
Even though the coronavirus pandemic caught up with us just as the Navarino CSR Department was just getting started, we decided that we must “add a small stone to the medical wall” that our community tried to build against the rapid worldwide spread of Covid-19. With the help of our company doctor MD Mintzias, we identified a specific area of need and so during the height of the lock down, Navarino took action by supporting the Hippocratio hospital of Athens with 1,000 medical masks and 700 advanced (FFP2) masks for use by their medical personnel. It is our goal to repeat such contributions as long as the fight against the virus continues.

Filodasiki reforestation effort
In February, the Navarino team volunteered to plant 100 trees on Mount Hymettus to support ongoing reforestation efforts in that area. Navarino worked with the Philodasiki Association of Athens who manage that part of the mountain. The benefits of spending time in forests on our mental health is compelling and furthermore the root systems of trees can help greatly in preventing flooding and retaining water in the soil. So next time, instead of going again to the beach, consider visiting the mountain for a change.

Supporting Municipal Grocery Stores
Many Athenian suburbs contain families or individuals who cannot even afford their daily necessities, especially following more than 10 years of financial difficulties across Greece. This may include people who used to be normal professionals whose financial position gradually deteriorated, leaving them unable to find any work for the foreseeable future. After we were contacted by some of the local communities and learned that we could help, we supported the municipal grocery stores of Nea Erythrea and Neo Psyhiko with olive oil and dairy products to help with the basic food supplies of 300 families (approx. 150 in each municipality). It is very easy for most of us to contact the social shop of our local community and find out how we can help.

Agia Anna Institution for girls
Our management had the chance to visit the Agia Anna Institution late last year and to meet not only with the young girls growing up within the institution, but also with the kind personnel who keep the whole support system going. We decided then that Navarino would help support their remarkable efforts by enhancing the air conditioning capacity of the building and a few weeks later during the lock down, we provided them with smart tablets to allow them to provide distance learning to the children. Small steps making a big difference.

Female round the world Exxpedition
Navarino sponsored a new initiative to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans called eXXpedition. Led by ocean advocate and skipper Emily Penn, the initiative was founded in 2014 to shift the way people feel, think and act by building a global network of multidisciplinary women who can contribute to world-class scientific studies, explore solutions, and use their unique skill sets to tackle the pollution problem. eXXpedition Round the World is a pioneering all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission to circumnavigate the globe via a route that includes the Arctic. Navarino’s support will come in the form of satellite connectivity so the crew will be able to contact anyone, anytime.

Akis Temperides, “The World Offroad” trip
Akis Temperides , a journalist and photographer, specializing in travel, motorsports and adventure activities recently made the decision to leave his “normal” life behind and embarked upon an epic offroad world trip from 2007 to 2010, covering 167.000 Km and 66 countries with Navarino as the telecommunications sponsor. In late 2019, starting from Italy, he embarked on a second world trip and this time, in addition to supporting the expedition financially, Navarino provided him with a more advanced satellite system- a MissionLink satellite dish connected to the Iridium Certus network- so that he can enjoy land line quality connectivity all over the world. Coronavirus found him deep in eastern Turkey, but soon he will continue and we are expecting his call to tell us all about his new exciting experiences.

Kos Island Port Police Apparel and equipment
As we often see reported on national news reports there is a huge amount of pressure on Greece’s eastern islands that are challenged on a daily basis with issues related to waves of immigration. This pressure on not only people, but on machinery too, creates the need for regular maintenance and replacement of many components of the Greek defense mechanism. So when given the chance we were proud to assist with the difficult conditions faced by the Kos port police by providing new, specialized apparel for their daily use, including night vision goggles. Small contributions that can greatly improve their daily working conditions.

Easter Meals support for Piraeus families
Piraeus municipal social services support more than 300 families in need. Every Easter they regularly offer a full meal to all those members of our community who cannot afford a big family meal. Navarino was able to help enhance their food aid program by offering 300 loaves of Easter bread and in conjunction with the Church of Piraeus, also provide 300 dairy products to the local community. It is actually very easy to learn what any of us can do to help. Call your local community services and find out.

Axion Hellas Fund raising auction
Through its founders, Navarino has been a constant supporter of Axion Hellas’s efforts from pretty much day one, both financially but also in person. Every year the most remote Aegean islands are visited by specialized medical personnel, travelling on Axion Hellas speed boats to offer medical services and medicine, donations and educational seminars to residents who may otherwise have limited access to such services. This year Axion Hellas hosted a very successful fund-raising charity art auction for their upcoming summer program, of which Navarino was honored to be one of the main sponsors.

Sponsoring Zanneio High School’s experiments’ launch into space on Amazon’s Blue Origin rocket
Navarino is very proud to sponsor the remarkable Zanneio high school team who managed to get their experiment blasted into space onboard one of Amazon’s Jeff Besos’ Blue Origin rockets. The experiment, designed by Zanneio school students, launched from Texas, USA on December 2019. The rocket is owned by Blue Origin and this was the sixth time that the same rocket was used making it a world record. The students’ experiment “Mass measurement in conditions of micro – gravity” was housed inside the rocket capsule so after a year of hard work, with many hours of designing, construction and testing, the students had the unique experience to see their experiment launched into space and safely return to earth. More experiments will follow soon and we will be there to support them.