Digital Ship Athens November 2012

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1357127039_1On November 27-28th 2012 Navarino attended the Digital Ship Athens conference, held at the Metropolitan hotel. Besides being an excellent opportunity to meet with several of our customers in a relaxed atmosphere, the conference also gave us an opportunity to present a series of case studies. International Account Manager Christian Vakarelis took to the stand on Tuesday morning to examine how Navarino customers were using the larger Inmarsat Fleet Broadband plans in combination with Infinity to bring new options for business applications and crew internet to their vessels.

The customers presented were Dorian Hellas, Eletson Corporation, Millennia Maritime, Teo Shipping, Union Commercial, and Promar Shipping. Christian discussed how, thanks to the exponential drop in per MB and per voice minute costs that the larger Inmarsat plans provide, shipping companies can use Infinity to pass on these lower per unit costs to crew, using PINs for both data and voice which can be either sold or given for free to crew members to get online and talk with home. PINs can be set up according to customer’s wishes, and the number of MB and minutes per PIN can be set as desired very simply. What’s more, PINs can be set up with a time limit that gives for example 10 hours of surfing per day and/or allow surfing only at certain times of day.

All this and more were discussed during the presentation. We wish to thank our customers who agreed to participate in the case study presentation and inform all our readers that the presentation will shortly be available on the Digital Ship website, or you can ask your Navarino account manager for a copy.