Dorian Hellas

599 435 Navarino

Dorian (Hellas) S.A. are technical managers of a fleet of 6 ships, consisting of 4 very large gas carriers, 2 crude oil tankers and one fully pressurized LPG carrier.


Recently they have upgraded the satellite communications of their fleet in response to a growing need for more business communication options and the intention to offer their crew internet access.

The solution that Dorian has chosen is Inmarsat Fleet Broadband and Infinity, using a mixture of FBB 250 and FBB 500 terminals. Each ship is on the 3GB plan, which allows a mixture of data or voice minutes. Since the project began they have been using the new set up to remotely access and administer the computers on board, provide remote crew training, activate live feeds for different applications and were pleased to be able to increase the size limit on business emails for attachments and so on up to 10 MB, which has streamlined their operations and makes communicating large files much more cost efficient than on the previous set up that used the Inmarsat 200 MB plan. Dorian have also created a special account for visiting superintendents, who are able to login using their own dedicated Infinity account and have access to voice calling, email and internet when they visit vessels.

Thanks to Infinity, the crew are able to share and subsidise the 3GB allowance plan with the shipping company, by purchasing Infinity pins for either voice or data (pins of 25MB are offered). All crew usage consumes part of the 3GB allowance, and if in one particular month more than 3 GB is used by the crew, the cost is borne by those users, not the shipping company. Dorian have setup a dedicated computer on board which the crew can use to get online, and also provided wifi access points throughout the ship so that the crewmembers can also connect using their own devices.

On shore, the office is able to use the Infinity Hub to monitor usage in near real time, and can see how much of the traffic generated is crew use (in yellow below) and how much is business use (in green).  Since rollout of this project both those on board Dorian vessels and on shore in the office are satisfied with the multiple new options that Infinity combined with the right Fleet broadband plan can provide.