Angel Features

Angel incorporates a wealth of feature-rich applications that keep your networks running smoothly and safely.


Enhanced web filtering: This allows over 150 category options, using a real-time URL threat scorecard delivered in partnership with ForcePoint. In addition, high-risk categories can be preselected and blocked.

Content filtering: All content, both inbound and outbound, can be filtered based on various criteria.

Antivirus: Provided in cooperation with leading anti-malware company Sophos Labs, the system features reputation enhanced, cloud-based antivirus capabilities.

Antispam: The system features multi-layered spam protection as well as up-to-date phishing URL detection and extension blockers.

Full IDS/IPS: The system includes stateful signature inspections with more than 65 protocol and 500 contexts supported. It also offers more than 17,000 signatures for identifying anomalies, attacks, spyware and applications.

Application filtering: Over 3,700 applications can be pre-selected and blocked. The AppTrack feature analyses application data and classifies it, based on advanced criteria while the AppFW feature creates application control policies.

Honeypot: To further protect the network Angel deploys a Honeypot that acts as a decoy to detect, deflect and monitor cyber attacks.

Reporting: The system also provides full reporting at chosen intervals of all traffic and incidents, including vulnerability assessments and incident alerts.