Gourdomichalis case study

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Greece based Gourdomichalis Maritime is a third generation traditional ship-management company founded in 1969 by Stathis Gourdomichalis, a prominent shipowner and businessman who served as President of the Union of Greek Shipowners between 1984 and 1991. Over the years the company has managed a fleet of up to 15 vessels, including tankers and bulk carriers up to 100,000 dwt. Today the focus is on young dry-bulk tonnage, with a significant new-building program having been successfully implemented over the last 15 years. The current fleet profile includes Supramax and Panamax size vessels, trading globally.

In December the company decided to upgrade the FleetBroadband packages from the 200 MB plan to the 6 GB plan, with a view to offering their crews internet access. Since then, 2 ships have been installed with Infinity, with the other vessels to follow soon. Gourdomichalis is offering its crews internet by selling them Infinity pins of 50MB each, which the crew use to login to the onboard wifi network using their own smart phones and tablets. The solution has so far met with great success and the crews are most satisfied, which as Mr Makris (technical manager) points out, is ‘proven by the fact that the crews are already exceeding 6 GB of use over a month and have started reaching 8 GB.’

Having moved from the previous 200 MB plan to the 6GB means that Gourdomichalis is able to consider many more options with regards business applications too. There is a plan in the near future to start using the virtual machine feature of Infinity to create company business account backups and replication of the company’s’ server through the Infinity unit, which will enhance the way the vessels and office can connect to each other and streamline many of the company’s daily business communications.
Kiriakos Striboulis, the Navarino account manager for Gourdomichalis stated ‘We are very pleased with the extremely strong take up of crew internet on the Gourdomichalis vessels. I am pleased that we have been able to help this shipping company bring such a significant improvement to their welfare onboard, and look forward to deepening our cooperation through the planned Infinity business applications.’