INFINITY is the fastest growing bandwidth management and optimization solution

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INFINITY is the most sophisticated bandwidth management and optimization solution in the industry today, and a must-have for any satellite broadband user.  The system was designed to increase the efficiency of Inmarsat FleetBroadband packages, but it is also fully compatible with other IP based solutions (VSAT, IOP, Wi-Fi etc).

The Infinity system is comprised of:
• a rugged industrial standard onboard computer designed to work in the harshest environments
• a web portal from which administrators onshore manage their vessels’ satcoms and networks though a simple user friendly interface.
•  INFINITY software
• an instance in the cloud.

INFINITY meets and often exceeds the requirements of every ITC manager:

a. Bandwidth Optimization: advanced compression techniques, web accelerator, proxy caching onboard, images size reduction, advert removal, Automatic File Synchronization.

b. Administration: Centralized management and administration, fully managed firewall and router, VLANs, VPN connectivity, versatile port forwarding, Advanced Content filtering, filtering of e-mails and Access Control Lists, Quotas policy, Alert services. (All vessels’ systems can be remotely configured from the office without the need to connect with each vessel’s server.)

c. Reporting: Traffic measuring (graphs, statistics and logs of all events), split billing options, live vessel positioning, speed calculation and connectivity status reporting, voyage history.

d. More Crew Welfare options: Crew calling and Crew Internet using INFINITY PINs (or reloadable user account) with all the bandwidth optimization benefits, allows your crewmembers to enjoy the lowest cost Inmarsat crew calling, to have e-mail communication with attachments as well as giving them internet access.

e. Continuity of Business and Crew Welfare applications: Service Selector (allows you to switch traffic through other IP-based solutions), Failover in case of redundancy, Anti-Virus, Connectivity Status Alerts, HW Status alerts (Self-monitored system)

f. Cost benefits for both office and crew. The shipping company can share the vessel’s FB monthly usage allowance with crewmembers, so both office and crew can benefit from the lower costs per unit offered in the large FB allowance packages. Crew calling (and internet) through INFINITY is part of the vessel’s FB monthly allowance, therefore the monthly cost is allocated to both office and crew (with the use of PINs).  With INFINITY, both the shipping company and the crew, pay less than before and get more usage.