Infinity Update 2.3.1

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Infinity is constantly updated with enhancements, changes and new features based on feedback from its users. Please find below the details of the most recent update, version 2.3.1:

  • In order to provide greater flexibility to the Infinity Firewall we have added the possibility to create groups of firewall rules. This is to accommodate the needs of shipping companies with different types of fleets. This functionality now includes the conversion of firewall rules from vessel-specific to group rules
  • To provide easier access to the vessel’s currently active terminal, we have made the following enhancements:

–   The vessel position tracking which is viewable from the map view of the Infinity Mainhub has been extended to indicate via colour coding the connectivity solution and terminal that was in use during a voyage.
–     A new section has been created which displays in graphical form the failover history between the terminals, including the network device name, the Internet Provider name, the currently active terminal (for dual connectivity solutions, such as FleetXpress) together with the time it was active.
–    From the map view of the Infinity Mainhub interface, the popup window that appears when the cursor hovers over a vessel, now shows the currently active terminal.

  • Infinity’s virtualization platform has been enhanced and now supports importing existing hard disk images of virtual machines. This functionality can be used both for importing disk images for new virtual machines or for restoring a disk image from the backup feature of Infinity.
  • Infinity’s data traffic reporting has been expanded with the addition of traffic analysis for all the local networks on the Infinity unit. Traffic captured onboard is matched against the corresponding firewall rule, allowing visibility of the origin and destination of local traffic on the vessel.
  • Content filtering categories have been updated with the latest URL categorization lists. Going forward, an update of the lists will be done with every major Infinity release
  • Administrators can now enable PINs usage for more than one Internet Provider. For example, vessels with 2 different connectivity solutions, such as 3G and FB, can be configured to allow PIN usage, with different Maximum data allowed per period
  • Infinity has been enhanced to fully support the Honeypot and Vulnerability Assessment services that are part of our ANGEL security solution.