Infinity Update 2.3.3

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Infinity Version 2.3.3 includes a number of new features, enhancements and updates. This version focuses mainly on providing tools which will help Infinity users to be compliant with GDPR requirements. Alongside these, lots of ‘under the hood’ improvements to Infinity have also taken place to increase performance, security and hardware compatibility.

As always, if you experience any issues with Infinity, regardless whether you think it may be related to a version upgrade or not, you are urged to bring it to our attention, by contacting our Technical Support at

New Features

  1. GDPR requires that data that includes personal information should be anonymized in some cases. Accordingly we have developed the option to partially or completely mask fields, such as call destination numbers and web history. This can be configured from Admin → Privacy Configuration (#1834)
  2. GDPR requires that individuals must explicitly consent to the processing of their personal data. Infinity now includes the option for administrators to restrict individuals from using Infinity services, unless they consent to the terms of use defined by the administrator. This can by configured from Admin → GDPR Policies. (#1842)

Enhancements / Upgrades

  1. The Infinity web server has been upgraded to the latest upstream version. (#1871)
  2. Security Feature rules have been updated to detect the latest threats. (#1879)
  3. On Infinity Vessel Units, connections to the web server and hotspot are now encrypted (HTTPS). (#1804,#1861)
  4. Consequent failed login attempts to the Infinity HUB and Vessel Units are blocked, as a security measure. (#1881)
  5. The Security Feature has a revamped interface. Now, all whitelisting of individual detection rules and detection rule categories is done from Management > Cyber Security > Whitelists. (#1831)
  6. Configuration of network switches, that come as part of Infinity Cube, has been made more flexible. (#1850)
  7. Infinity can now get GPS data from iDirect X7 terminals (both Evolution and Velocity versions). (#1885)
  8. Infinity now obtains more accurate GPS data from Cobham FX terminals. (#1887)
  9. The Firewall Templates configuration page now provides the option to clone a template. (#1898)