Infinity Update 2.5.1

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Infinity Version 2.5.1 is out now.

This version brings many new features. These are some of the most interesting:

• New QoS implementation

• Webmail interface for Infinity Mail Plus accounts

• VM Virtual HDDs can be extended

• New Remote Console tool: Query Remote Proxy

• New Remote Console tool: Check Upload Speed

• New Traffic Report: Bandwith (Monthly)

Besides the items listed, much groundwork has been done in preparation of the roll-out of even more exciting new features in the near future. Also, a few subtle bugs with minimal impact to customers have been fixed.

You can read the Infinity Version 2.5.1 Changelog here:




As always, if you experience any issues with Infinity, regardless whether you think it may be related to a version upgrade or not, you are urged to bring it to our attention, by contacting our Technical Support at