Kaptanoglu continues Infinity rollout across the fleet

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1462867706_1Kaptanoglu, based in Turkey, are in the process of successfully rolling out Infinity to their fleet of 10 tankers. The company started the project a year ago and are installing the Infinity Plus system on their fleet with plans to upgrade some ships from the Infinity Plus to Infinity Cube.

Mr. Bulent Taneri is the IT Manager for the company. ‘We have been very pleased with the new capabilities that Infinity Plus is allowing for communications onboard our vessels. We investigated several of the solutions on the market and concluded that Infinity is the best solution for our needs. There are a range of features which we find especially useful. Firstly, is the ability for us to run Virtual Machines, something which has become indispensable to our day to day operations. In fact we are upgrading RAM on some units to 32GB dual processors, and on 3 vessels, we intend to upgrade the Infinity Plus to the Infinity Cube so that we are able to run more Virtual Machines within the Cubes high availability environment.’

He continued, ‘We also really like the ability to switch between different available networks, for example the Infinity automatically selects wifi or 3G when the vessels are near shore. This saves costs over the satcom terminals, and each different network has different firewall rules which are applied automatically.

We also find very useful the ‘Areas of Interest’ capability. This alerts us when our vessels enter predefined areas around the world and allows us to make changes to the network on board as needed, for example to disable crew internet when a ship enters high risk piracy areas.

I would also add the Infinity VOIP service is excellent and very useful, allowing us to make calls between ship and office at very low cost, something which has made a big difference in how we communicate with the entire fleet.’