Navarino announces Infinity Cube

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Navarino has announced the commercial launch of its latest Infinity product, the Infinity Cube. Building upon the success of Infinity among merchant vessels, the Cube enables all Infinity features and more, as an upgraded version of the service. It provides high availability, and a performance virtualization environment, available to end users for hosting virtual machines of any operating system (e.g. Windows, Windows server, Linux distribution etc.) and then for installing applications such as Planned Maintenance Systems, Quality Management Systems, email systems, files servers and any other specialized software used onboard. As is the case with all Infinity functions, the virtualization platform and the virtual machines hosted therein are managed via the unique centralized management and administration Infinity console, the Infinity Hub.

The core elements of the system are:

·        Two rack mounted servers (nodes) configured to operate in an active – active cluster mode.

·        A virtual server uploaded with proprietary software, located onshore (using “cloud” technology).

·        A web based password-protected interface through which customers can fully manage and control the settings of their virtualization platform and virtual machines or view/download any information related to the use and management of Infinity.

Navarino believes that with the Infinity Cube, it is able to address a very specific and important set of needs for the maritime community as through its features shipping companies are now able to:

  1. Increase their efficiency when it comes to their vessels networks and IT infrastructure
  2. Implement new technologies that have not been previously available
  3. Reduce their operating costs related to vessels’ ICT infrastructure and operation