Navarino Announces Record Infinity Sales

929 429 Navarino

Navarino is delighted to announce today that it has shipped more than 3,000 Infinity units, just 4 years after launch. Sales volume has increased to exceed 170 units per month, a new record. Infinity is available from Navarino direct, and also from several resellers globally including Inmarsat, Imtech Marine, Jason Electronics and Station Satcom.

“Sales of Infinity, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous product in our portfolio,” said Konstantinos Katsoulis, Navarino Commercial Director. “Customers’ feedback is invaluable, and they let us know that they really appreciate the continuously updated, rich feature list for both business and crew welfare applications.”

Infinity comes in three versions, the Standard, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube. The Plus and the Cube offer all the services of the Standard, while the Plus includes remote access and virtualization, and the Cube is in effect 2 Plus nodes, making it an active-active cluster environment with full redundancy via these twin nodes. The Infinity development roadmap is extremely proactive, and there is a development team that constantly updates and brings new features to the service. ‘We are so proud to have reached the 3,000 units milestone’, said Andreas Haralambopoulos, Infinity Director. ‘We continue to invest heavily in expanding both the infrastructure and the personnel needed to maintain the leading market position that Infinity has established, and our objective is to continue building a solution that is the benchmark service for the industry.’