Navarino at Posidonia 2014

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1407322640_1In June 2014, Navarino was proud to take part in one of the world’s major shipping conferences, the extremely successful Posidonia exhibition at the Metropolitan Expo centre. The Navarino stand was particularly well attended, with many shipping companies coming to visit and to take a look at the latest developments in maritime satellite communications.

One of the most popular and asked about services at the stand were the three Global Xpress antennas, one each from the three major manufacturers, the SAILOR 60 GX, the JUE 60GX and the Intellian v100GX.

The depth of interest in these products highlights how anticipated the upcoming Global Xpress service is, and as a Global Xpress Value Added Reseller, Navarino staff at Posidonia were able to answer the many questions that were asked about the service. Besides Global Xpress there were also displays of today’s existing systems, XpressLink and FleetBroadband, which are both becoming more and more widespread amongst Navarino customers as vessels bandwidth needs increase both for crew and for business communication.

To complement the other services being shown, Navarino’s Infinity service was also on display and customers were able to get their hands on the product as they were shown the interface and many of INFINITY’s features first hand. Navarino also took the opportunity of Posidonia to launch the latest Infinity product, INFINITY Cube.

INFINITY Cube is a brand new addition to the hugely successful INFINITY family – it is comprised of 2 INFINITY Plus nodes which are combined, which apart from the huge increase in power this provides also means that it is a ‘High Availability’ system. While all available processing power of the two nodes is used to the full, if one node fails the entire system continues to run without fault and seamlessly.

INFINITY Cube also contains upgraded hardware, with a double power supply, improved heat distribution and enhanced CPUs. It also has a huge amount of disc capacity and up to 196 GB of memory. All of which combines to allow INFINITY Cube to use its virtualization engine to host practically every server on board a commercial vessel,  meaning much less cost for customers as they no longer need to pay for server hardware or maintenance costs.