Navarino sponsors the RIB Adventure expedition

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We are very pleased to announce another exciting sponsorship activity that we are involved in this summer – the RIB Adventure. The plan is to take the 10m rib under the power of its outboard engines across a distance of 3500 nautical miles. Through careful engine choice, it is expected that the cruising speed on the trip will be 32 knots, at 3500 rpm, which as the engines natural cruising speed will ensure both efficient fuel consumption and minimum wear on the Suzuki made power units. The team of four will alternate between piloting, navigation and resting as they make their way from Thessaloniki across to Naples, Marseilles, Barcelona, Lisbon before the 800 nautical mile leg through the Atlantic to reach the Azores.

Navarino is always keen to participate in adventures which test the limits of man and machine, and we shall be supplying satellite phones and airtime in the form of Inmarsat Isatphone Pro units which the crew will use to both stay in touch with safety services and loved ones.

Mr. Panos Tsikopoulos, Navarino Commercial Director said ‘We wish the team the very best of luck. I have participated in similar expeditions myself and I know how critical it is to have a solid communications setup on board to ensure primarily safety, but also to be able to remain in contact with loved ones on shore and share the experience with them through the technology that satellite communications enable. We look forward to welcoming them home safely!’