Neptune Lines training project with Navarino

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Navarino has for some time now been conducting training programs for shipping companies, which provide a platform for us to bring them up to speed with the latest developments in our services, both airtime and Infinity services.

The latest company to participate was Neptune Lines ,a shipping company specialized in  vehicles transportation by Ro-Ro vessels. During the training seminar, Mr. Papanikolaou, Product Manager and Mr. Pavlos Vernikos, Solutions Engineer both from Navarino, provided an update on the current market conditions related to maritime satellite communications . The course covered the technical specifications concerning satcom basic principles and was paired with a presentation of the infrastructure of the maritime satcom business, and the Infinity service was covered in depth.

Neptune team said of the training ‘During the course of the seminar, Navarino team presented the full spectrum of maritime satellite based communications and the information helped us clarify what can be a somehow complicated business model and will definitely be in our benefit towards future IT investments.’