New Infinity Help functionality added to Infinity portal

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Help function

The Navarino Infinity department has added a useful Help function to the Infinity portal. Now, whenever customers need help or instructions in using the features of Infinity they can click on the Help icon (see picture) and will be taken to the help page for whichever feature they are using automatically. This Help section also contains full documentation and instructions on how to setup, configure and utilize all the rich features of the Infinity service. It is also a fully searchable database, allowing users to quickly find exactly the instructions they are looking for.

Furthermore, there are also soon going to be available a series of ‘how to’ videos which detail how specific features of Infinity can be used, and these videos will be available to all Infinity customers. The short 2 minute videos provide a simple step by step guide on how to configure the most commonly used Infinity functions and can be requested from your Navarino account manager.

At Navarino we are dedicated to making the use of our services as trouble free and straightforward as possible, and these tools are part of our continuous efforts to enhance the way Infinity users work with the service.