Nomikos Shipping Investments Ltd case study

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1408011485_1This case study is written by Ms. Natassa Drakopoulou of A.E. Nomikos Shipping Investments Ltd and provides a customer perspective on the installation of FleetBroadband systems on their fleet.
‘A.E. Nomikos Shipping was founded back in 1985, initially with an aim to provide management services to our own vessels and until today our aim remains the same; to be a traditional, respected ship management Company with high standards of performance. Our philosophy in shipping is based on three principal items:
Having the right Vessels, the right People and the right System.
Our fleet is based exclusively on modern Japanese Bulk Carriers, serving major international charterers, whilst our precedence on our people’s initiative and motivation helps us keep our commitment to high performance.’
A.E. Nomikos Shipping Inv. Ltd. and Navarino Services have signed a 24-month agreement to provide the company’s fleet with a Broadband communications system. The agreement included the provision of connectivity for the fleet over Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, to be managed via Navarino, as well as the FBB Sailor 500 for M/V Arion SB and M/V Atalanti SB.
Navarino provided the Infinity platform, which is consisted of a hardware installed onboard and a web-based platform that will allow AEN’s IT Department to choose over a variety of settings and configurations to make the best use of the Fleet Broadband connectivity.
Navarino services with Infinity interface include amongst many things, data traffic management features (such as crew internet, voice PINs, firewall, report tools, logs, quotas, data limits & alert system), provides optimization of bandwidth features (advanced content filtering, proxy caching, advert removal, advanced compression techniques and specialized web accelerator software).

The Infinity Industrial Box which is installed onboard the vessels, is a hardware that comes preconfigured (based on the company’s needs in co-operation with Navarino) to match the communication needs of AEN and her Seafarers. This provided the Seafarers with web browsing, email, chat and voice, whilst by applying a monthly based limit (maximum allowance in USD: Officers $ 300.00 per month, Ratings $ 150.00 per month), the crew will be rest assured that even in wrong use handling, any enormous charges can be avoided.

Each seaman is provided with his own unique credentials and 12-digit pin code in order to have access to internet & voice services and by using the web-based portal, a report with the recorded transactions is generated on a monthly basis, providing the office with the relevant charges per seaman.
In this difficult period, having a reliable and cost effective solution onboard is vital for our business· and reliable ship to shore connectivity is the key for effective co-operations and crew well-being.
Having gone through a sufficient time of period, we can now discern the benefits derived from this change. Comparing this service to our previous communications (ISDN 64kbps) we can see a significant difference in our crew’s reciprocation, telecommunications cost reduction, remote access from the office to the vessels (thus resulting to instant problem solving) and the overall impression – in combination with the excellent support service provided – is very satisfactory.’
Navarino would like to thank Ms. Natassa Drakopoulou for taking the time to write this article.