Norstar works with Navarino Singapore

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Norstar was founded in 1998 in London initially as a ship brokerage firm. Norstar Shipping (Asia) Pte Ltd was formed in Singapore in 2005 which is now the Company headquarters covering all areas of Commercial and Technical management. In 2009 technical ship management was brought ‘in-house’ and in 2010 Norstar Ship Management was formed with the merger of Ship Management Associates and Luna, Norstar’s in-house technical team. Norstar’s expertise is in the tanker sector, with 15 ships in management currently and a strong newbuild program in progress, with 6 more ships coming in the near future.

The company recently started seeking options to begin providing larger data packages to their vessels through the Sailor Fleet Broadband 500 terminals, and finally chose the 2GB plan with Infinity from Navarino Singapore. Crews are able to purchase Infinity data pins of 70MB from the master, which allow them to get online using their own devices. So far experience has shown that some crewmembers use internet more than others, with those not so interested in internet able to take advantage of the low cost voice rates of the 2 GB plan which Infinity allows them to use, again using Infinity pins.

For the business side of things, the new 2 GB plan has meant that the company is able to exchange larger emails with the vessels, using the Amosconnect platform, and they are also most pleased with the new ability to remotely access their vessels anywhere in the world for troubleshooting or to update files. Marine Superintendent Capt. Aung, was also pleased with the fact that the installation of FleetBroadband with Infinity was very easy to do, as Infinity is usually shipped as a plug and play unit once all necessary details are gathered by the Navarino Infinity Operations Team. He also mentioned how useful it is to have the Infinity tracking feature installed on his smartphone, which allows him to keep track of all equipped vessels from wherever he is, and to monitor their connectivity status. Last, each of Norstar vessel has a Singapore DID assigned by Navarino which means Norstar may reach their vessels by dialling a Singapore number instead of Inmarsat voice number. This solution indeed had significant saving on their shore to ship communication expenses.

Ms Phoebe Wang, the Navarino Singapore account manager is very proud to be working with Norstar, ‘We at Navarino Singapore are delighted to be working with Norstar to enhance the satellite communications of their fleet. This is exactly the type of cooperation which typifies the way we work – bringing improvements to both crew and business applications while keeping costs tightly under control via Infinity and FleetBroadband.’