Our Compass


Navarino is guided by a set of principles and ideals that are entrenched throughout organization to guide and inform the behaviour
of all our employees worldwide. We believe that adhering to such principles allows our company to work in harmony with all
of our partners and also makes Navarino a responsible, happy company that attracts the best kind of people.



To be the benchmark technology company of the maritime world.



Our mission is to develop, distribute and support innovative technology services that add true value to our maritime
customers, while contributing to a sustainable future.

Corporate Values


Our values are the deep-seated anchored beliefs that guide our ways of thinking, attitudes, decisions and behaviours.
Our 4 Navarino Values are: Integrity, Innovation, Agility and Teamwork


Integrity is a key value and one which we practice both as individuals and professionals. It comprises of a series of principles, ethics and virtues including honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, transparency, walking the talk, and consistency of actions.


Innovation represents how we want to build on our knowledge and create together; to build our products, services, ways of working, and the sustainable future of Navarino.  We think collaboratively by building and integrating each other’s ideas and knowledge. We think “out of the box” and in non-linear, quantum ways.  We integrate knowledge and ideas from various fields to bring new perspectives, create new ideas and solutions.


Agility is our ability at Navarino to rapidly sense, understand and analyze the external and internal environment.  How we adapt and grow in meaningful ways and come out better; more competitive, wiser and more successful.


Teamwork defines our way of working together at Navarino.  We think inter-dependently and look at the total picture in the way we work, organize, and decide.  We respect and value others.  We support each other and work together so we can collectively reach our goals and bring success to Navarino.