Looking after of the most important part of your ship

Crew Welfare


At Navarino, we can provide you with the tools to make crew communications straightforward and affordable to keep your crew satisfied that they are as connected at sea as they are used to on land. At the same time we give you, the ship operator, full control over what your crew can do online.

Crew Calling


This is a chat card service whereby instead of users accessing a shore-based platform for crew voice calls (such as Inmarsat Chatcard service), they are using pins that access Infinity to authenticate and operate. Units are decremented and once fully used they expire. Alternatively, users onboard can be “permanently” registered to have an allowance that resets at predefined periods of time (e.g. every month). Finally, with Infinity, users have the option to replenish or top up a registered user PIN.

Users buy PINs from the shipping company and not from Navarino as they are using capacity (airtime) already charged to the shipping company in the form of a monthly allowance package. Itemized statements of all calls generated by Infinity are clearly marked and separated in Navarino’s monthly FB bills, giving a split billing capability to the operators.

Inmarsat ChatCard is a flexible, pre-paid calling card that enables shipping companies to allow their crews to stay in touch with family and friends while at sea. Inmarsat ChatCards can be easily reloaded online and used by crew for calling home, emailing or SMS.

  • No hidden charges – crew only pay for the airtime they use
  • Available in multiple denominations – 250, 500, or 750 units
  • Balance Information – Low balance warnings at 60 and 30 seconds; remaining minutes announced on each call.
  • Card Life – Chatcards expire 11 months after issue. At first use the expiry date extends by 12 months.

Crew email


Using the Infinity Data Pin, crew members and ship managers benefit from the following:

  • Crew email with attachments
  • Real-time exchange of crew email messages
  • Eliminates the need to manage crew mail boxes
  • Option to limit the size of emails via Infinity advanced filtering
  • Compliance with future ITF rules
  • Crew enjoy the privacy of having their own email box
  • Use the same email address on any ship or on shore

Combining two industry-leading services—AmosConnect and Inmarsat ChatCard- AmosConnect Crew also offers huge benefits to ship managers:

  • A full crew communication solution for voice, e-mail and sms.
  • Operates entirely separately from the business communication onboard your vessels
  • Eliminates the need to manage crew mail boxes
  • Complete control over size of e-mails via filters in AmosConnect Online
  • A motivated crew, and compliance with future ITF rules for free e-mail
  • Option to upgrade to a low-cost version that offers free e-mail to crew
  • Crew enjoy the privacy of having their own e-mail box
  • Use the same e-mail address on any ship or on shore, with your personal international SMS number

Crew Internet


Infinity Data PINs

Navarino offers through Infinity a typical internet café application for any vessels using FleetBroadband  or VSAT or any other IP based communication system.  Crew members enter a pin number and password, to have access to the internet. They can connect either by cable to Infinity or through a local wireless hub (if available). Upon opening a Web Browser on their personal laptops or on a shared PC onboard, users are asked for identification. If successful, they are given an allowance in denominations of 25, 50 or 100 Mbytes which can then be used at will during multiple sessions until expired. Different denominations are also available upon request, or alternatively, PINs can have a time-based denomination and operate only within specific time frames.

Alternatively, it is possible to register “permanent” users and give them a specific allowance that resets at a predetermined time or volume intervals (e.g. every month 100 Mbytes browsing that resets OR two hours per day browsing). It is also possible for permanent users to purchase bandwidth on demand, should their allowance be insufficient or if according to company policy there is no allowance at all.

With this service, a special pop-up box is always displayed, showing the current usage patterns and available Mbytes, among other things. Users can access any “internet” type traffic through this service (depending on the firewall rules and filters). The Infinity solution provides compression and proxy for standard web and email access (HTTP protocol in port 80). Any other type of internet activity (unknown/unmanaged by Infinity ) can be accessed, using any type of broadband connection.

Finally, with Infinity’s crew internet service, different policies can be set for different categories of users.

  • Each unique PIN has 12 digits (username and password)
  • Light Surfing On Demand: The crew members have the option to start light web browsing (meaning that they visit the light or mobile version of websites), by simply clicking the “Light surfing on Demand” icon on the Infinity welcome screen
  • Advanced Content Filtering: Shipping companies can choose which categories of websites should be blocked onboard. Infinity Advanced Content Filtering uses various methods to block content including phrase matching, picture filtering and URL filtering
  • Site restriction: Filtering (Black/White listing) of which websites the crew members are allowed to visit
    “Fleet wide” or “per vessel” firewall options
  • Internet traffic generated using Infinity PINs service is compressed when used on through full version of Infinity
  • A special pop-up box is always displayed that shows the current usage patterns and available Mbytes, among other things
  • Anti-Virus: all web traffic is scanned automatically against viruses
  • Idle Timer: logs out after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Crew Internet time slots: usage allowed within specific times and on a daily basis can be configured
  • Expiry date: 12 months after the first connection

Default Pin denominations are 25MB, 50MB and 100 Mbytes. Customized denominations are also available upon request, or alternatively, PINs can have a time-based denomination and operate only within specific times of day.


Infinity generates crew internet PINs, allowing the office to share the monthly data usage allowance of the vessel with the crewmembers, while passing to the crew the very low rates of the vessel’s FB pricing plan.

The more data usage allowance included in the FB package, the lower the cost per MB is.  Combining office and crew communication under the same package, results in lower rates for both office and crew.

Benefits for Ship Managers and Owners

  • Cost Efficiency: Lower  per unit rates and lower monthly costs
  • More Bandwidth: More MBytes and minutes to use for business communication
  • Remote control of onboard internet access
  • Easy administration
  • Improved productivity – instant, easy access to people and information
  • Separate bridge and crew internet traffic
  • Security – reliable hardware and maintenance
  • Improved productivity – instant, easy access to people and information

Benefits for Officers and Crew

  • Very low voice rate (lower than the traditional ChatCards)
  • Affordable- Very low cost per MByte
  • Email with attachments
  • Privacy – make calls in personal quarters
  • Familiar and convenient – use your own pc
  • Flexibility – multiple crew can have internet access at the same time



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