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We offer several solutions for maritime email services. Optimised for satellite networks, our email solutions will ensure that your critical communications remain secure and stable.



Service Description

INFINITY Email is a complete email service by which all business email traffic may be transferred through the main hub-vessel unit connection, taking advantage of the optimization and compression that Infinity solution offers. Infinity Email uses an external email server with Infinity to function only as a forwarder (relay).

Main features

  • Webmail, allowing emails to be accessed through any browser and any networked PC onboard
  • Infinity Email may also be accessed onboard through any mail client supporting IMAPv4, POP3 and ActiveSync protocols
  • Full duplex transmission
  • Email compression up to 90% (the compression ratio is dependent upon the file type)
  • Filtering feature available:
    – To completely restrict sending/receiving emails without any conditions to apply
    – To restrict incoming and/or outgoing emails to/from specified email addresses and domains
    – To avoid sending emails from a specific communication network, if a certain size is exceeded
    – To hold or discard an email in case it does not meet the predefined scenarios for email submissions using criteria such as size, email priority, priority of the active Internet Provider
    – To block certain contents or attachments in the email by their type (eg. videos/avi, pictures/jpg, etc.)
  • Full text indexing. When performing a search all emails along with their attachments are subject to that search. All the file formats are supported including Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice files and Acrobat PDF files
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes can be created in Infinity
  • Unlimited domains that can be used in Infinity
  • Storing emails by using Infinity local storage capability (applicable to Infinity Plus and CUBE)
  • High availability and uptime for Infinity Mail Server
  • Delivery notifications for shore-to-ship and ship-to-shore message upon configuration
  • Optionally forward/blind copy all vessel’s incoming/outgoing emails to a specific email address
  • Configuration of Infinity Email is performed through the Infinity web interface to the main hub

GTMaritime offers a software package that provides shipping companies and remote mobile users with satellite data communications.GTMaritime solutions are compatible with all Inmarsat products (except Inmarsat C), as well as other satellite systems and provides commercial e-mail, telex, fax and 2-way SMS messaging. Some of GTMaritime benefits include:

• Automatic compression of up to 90%
• Full duplex transmission
• Restart from point of interruption
• GT Alert (notifies the remote user via telex that there is an urgent message
in the mailbox)
• Filtering System
• Reduced handshaking procedure
• Split billing account codes
• Control and Management of mailbox via website
• Tracking

image010AMOS Connect is a high-end e-mail solution that also provides the integration of telex, fax, SMS & e-mail, interoffice communication and access for mobile personnel into a single messaging system. By optimally handling all your ship/shore satellite communication, AMOS Connect offers substantial cost savings of up to 85%.

AMOS Connect is designed for use with FleetBroadband but also with Inmarsat -B, -B-HSD, -M, mini-M, Fleet, and Iridium. It provides an ultra-efficient satellite communications protocol, including error correction, designed specifically for ship-to-shore communication:

• Full duplex transmission with simultaneous send and receive
• Automatic message compression, giving an average 50% reduction across all file types, and as high as 85% compression on text and database files
• Reduced modem synchronization and handshaking procedures, minimizing connection time and, therefore, costs
• Automatic mid-message recovery after a break, for minimum retransmission
• Delivery, non-delivery, read and unread notifications sent to the ship’s mailbox

The Full version of AmosConnect offers the following features not found in the Basic Version

• More comprehensive Web Administration: Enhanced Rule functionality
• Forced Positive Delivery Notification: The sender receives a read receipt upon the next vessel’s dial up
• “You’ve got Mail” notification via Inmarsat C when there is an urgent e-mail message waiting in the mailbox
• Fax, telex and SMS gateways (e-mail messages can be sent to telex, fax and SMS recipients)
• Usage of any POP3 based client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express as the front end)
• Free Non-delivery Notifications via Inmarsat C for fax and telex messages
• Free System Announcements via Inmarsat C
• Least cost routing between ISDN and MPDS on Inmarsat Fleet

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