Infinity Plus


Infinity Plus is the second member of the Infinity family, and houses all the features of standard Infinity, as well as powerful virtualization capabilities.

On top of the standard Infinity functionality, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube offer the following benefits to the ICT manager:

· Virtualization and Consolidation of the IT infrastructure
The virtualization environment allows for the installation of any specialized critical applications used on vessels.

· Easy deployment of new applications
Remote and onboard setup of new virtual machines and software applications within them.

· Complete centralized management and administration
Remote access to all important IT and communication functions, including routing and networking, firewalling, crew internet access and filtering, virtual machines and applications, through one common management console, the INFINITY Hub.

· Remote onboard IT support
Remote onboard IT support from Navarino for all systems installed within the virtual environment.

· Upgradability
The rack mounted version of Infinity Plus can be upgraded to Infinity Cube.

· Hardware Scalability
Infinity Cube and Plus (Rack mounted) hardware provides scalable expandability. The scalable performance of the processors (max. 2), the six DIMM slots for memory per CPU and its capacity for up to four hard disks per node, ensures that the system can be configured to meet the most demanding requirements while being ready to cope with new requirements in future.



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