Quazar is an easy to deploy and cost-effective way to acquire, install and manage a vessel’s IT infrastructure.
It includes all onboard hardware and software combined with a 24/7 personal Navarino IT Manager,
backed up by a dedicated team of IT specialists. All for one fixed monthly fee per vessel.



Using an ‘IT-as-a-service’ concept, Quazar removes the CAPEX for hardware or software acquisition, replacing it with hardware leasing, software licensing, and support fees that are all included in one monthly fee. Quazar also allows for the implementation of advanced security policies that safeguard all digital infrastructure and devices; making systems more robust against cyber-attacks while complying with regulations. In addition, a personal Navarino IT manager assigned per fleet offers an expert, personalized understanding of a vessel’s IT infrastructure, and implements any service or support request that the ship operator requires.

To provide Quazar, we have partnered with the world’s biggest technology providers including Microsoft, Dell, ConnectWise, Canon, and more. Thanks to Navarino’s economies of scale, we are able to offer ship operators these technology providers’ solutions at much lower cost than if they were purchased alone.

A decentralized, resilient architecture that gives you control over the fleetwide IT infrastructure

The platform enables IT operations and processes by utilizing advanced resource management technologies and universal policies
It consists of:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Management
    • Windows Update Services
    • Windows Printing Services
    • Windows File Services (DFS)
  • Fleetwide Domain Service Implementation, Management and Maintenance
  • Universal (Fleetwide) Security Policies

All managed by your personal IT manager

Your Personal IT Manager

For every Quazar customer, a personal IT manager is appointed, backed up by a complete team of IT experts. This professional IT team provides expert consultation and assistance.

The personal IT manager is dedicated to each Maritime Organization and helps their IT Manager to focus on the bigger picture, rather than wasting time on help-desk duties. By letting us manage the vessel infrastructure, you can focus on managing your business better.

From the worlds’ biggest technology providers

Quazar combines tools developed in-house
and from world-class technology providers.

  • Computer and server infrastructure
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Backup data protection
  • Thin clients \ remote desktop services
  • Security controls
  • Enterprise wireless infrastructure
  • Printing infrastructure
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • Full Infinity functionality
  • No CAPEX for hardware or software
    HW leasing, software licensing and support fees are included in the monthly fee
  • Data Protection and Compliance
    Secure your vessels to become more robust against cyber attacks and comply with regulations
  • Personal IT manager
    who knows the IT infrastructure of your vessels inside out
  • Best in-class suppliers
    Built on a foundation of proven technology solutions
  • Significant cost and time efficiencies
    High-volumes and standardization create economies of scale and streamlined deployment and operations