Connecting your company


Waavia 7 is a brand-new way to unify and connect all parts of your organisation – people, machines and vessels –together onto one seamless, innovative communications platform that offers instant messaging, video calling, smart glasses integration and more.



The importance of technology has never been more obvious and Waavia 7 has been designed to help you get the most from your technology. Whether that be through establishing an actual telepresence with smart glasses to remotely assist those at sea, using augmented reality technologies to streamline technical operations onboard, or establishing a company-wide, instant messaging network that offers you complete control over your company data, Waavia 7 delivers all this and more in the most innovative solution on the market. Easily deployed via a smartphone application, Waavia 7 needs no hardware and can be used instantly with any connectivity provider.

A company-wide, unified instant messaging platform – Waavia 7 offers one platform which can be used for instant business communication across your entire organisation. All data exchanged over Waavia 7 is fully owned by you and entirely in your control – you can delete or edit information as needed, including any data shared with third parties via short-term visitor Waavia 7 accounts when people outside your organisation attend your vessels. Waavia 7 has been developed to streamline all your business communications, both internally and with third parties.

Smart glasses support and ready for Augmented Reality applications. See what your seafarers are seeing in real time and provide them with live assistance in their daily operational, technical or ICT work.

Maritime-optimised, low-bandwidth video calling choose to make video calls over smart devices from a range of video quality options that cater to high latency satellite connections and allow you make video calls to your vessels that actually work. Great quality calls over Fleet Xpress, Ku band and L band connections.

Independent backup communications – Waavia 7 operates entirely independently from your organisation’s existing corporate communications structure. This means that in the event of an internal company-wide communications failure, Waavia 7 will continue to operate and keep you connected with your entire organisation.

Alert Messages – Send your most critical messages as alerts to specific users or groups. Alerts close all other windows on the recipient’s screen and must be acknowledged in order to be bypassed, so you can be sure that they have been received.