Spectrum Update 0.11

1024 232 Navarino

Spectrum Version 0.11  is out.

We have added the option for Infinity Standard users to use external storage to host Spectrum files, which frees up resources to enable full patch management and Windows Update support for Infinity Standard units. New configurable alerting policies allow users to define the criticality of alerts. Users can also now enable or disable alerts for the crew network. Hidden networks behind managed switches can now be scanned by Spectrum. For SNMP-enabled printers, metrics and ink consumption can now be monitored. Spectrum users can now have a graphical overview of which network devices are up and running per device over time, as well as to detect connectivity network loops. Optimization of various menus for better visibility and control.


You can read the Spectrum Version 0.11 Changelog here:





As always, if you experience any issues with Spectrum, regardless whether you think it may be related to a version upgrade or not, you are urged to bring it to our attention, by contacting our Technical Support at Technical.Support@Navarino.gr