The 2018 Crew Connectivity Survey by Futurenautics Research

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When I first developed the questionnaire for the original Crew Communications survey back in 2012 I was optimistic that the responses were going to provide data of real value. However, I never envisaged that by 2018 it would become the definitive source of information and analysis for the industry. In 2012 the overwhelming interest was in communications in the context of crew welfare, but since then—as the digital revolution has gathered pace and the industry has acknowledged the pivotal enabling role connectivity plays in every aspect of their operations—the question-set has expanded.

As the scope of the survey has broadened we are now collecting unique data around cyber security and resilience and in addition this year also data about crew’s attitudes to a range of technologies from artificial intelligence to unmanned ships, and their likely impact on their prospects in the future. It isn’t just the question-set which has expanded, but the sample size too. This year we have had a massive 6,000 serving seafarers take the time to complete the survey. That has provided a truly significant amount of data, which has taken a significant amount of time and energy to interrogate and interpret. But its depth and breadth makes the resulting analysis all the more valuable.

It’s our belief that collaborating and sharing information can accelerate the pace of transformation in shipping and maritime, and begin to understand and solve big problems. The Crew Connectivity survey is a clear demonstration of that process in action. I hope that this year’s report continues to deliver real benefit to all kinds of industry stakeholders, and I am always happy to help companies and organisations to engage with

the analysis and data as deeply as possible. If you’d like to discuss any of these findings in more detail then please feel free to contact me directly.

In closing I’d like to personally thank our partners, BIMCO, Alpha Navigation, PTC, ISWAN and InterManager for their invaluable assistance. I’m also very grateful to Intelsat and KVH Industries for their support and sponsorship which I know they view as an investment in the future of the industry, and without which we would not be able to make this data freely available. Finally, of course, my thanks go to the thousands and thousands of seafarers who continue to believe the time they spend filling in our questionnaire is worthwhile.

The Crew Connectivity Survey is a wonderful example of something created for the industry, by the industry, and we are extremely proud to be part of it. It may have Futurenautics Maritime on the cover, but it belongs to you.

Roger Adamson. CEO, Futurenautics Maritime

 Download the Crew Connectivity Survey here.