Vroon announces introduction of Navarino’s Quazar service, bringing the IT-as-a-service concept to its fleet

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Netherlands-based Vroon, operator of a fleet of 120 deepsea and offshore-support vessels, has recently announced its partnership with Navarino, as it prepares to roll out the tech company’s Quazar solution on its vessels.

Quazar is Navarino’s “IT-as-a-service” solution for maritime platform. It offers an easy to deploy and cost-effective way to design, acquire, manage and support a vessel’s complete IT infrastructure. It replaces a CAPEX (Capital expenditures) model with an OPEX (Operating expenses) model for all IT hardware, software and support, introduces a personal Navarino IT manager per fleet and offers full regulatory compliance.

Vroon Group ICT Manager Rob Frenks says, “We were really impressed by Navarino’s flexible approach. Rather than providing black-box solutions, which are fixed in terms of what they offer, Navarino is very willing to listen and adapt its solutions to our needs, even when these needs evolve.

“Quazar brings several advantages to our vessels. Along with Navarino’s bandwidth management and optimisation solution, Infinity, it allows us to build a stable, standardised IT environment across our fleet. This will facilitate growth and scalability, whilst operating completely independently from any connectivity provider.

“As an organisation, Vroon is very keen on solutions that deliver a real productivity boost and time savings. Quazar’s central management platform delivers just that, providing us a single point of management for vessel computers, domain control, backup services and access points. An additional bonus is the fixed, monthly fee, giving us clarity over the costs involved.

“Quazar will also enhance our cyber-security capabilities on board, by implementing network protection through Navarino’s DNV-certified Angel service and EDR (Endpoint detection and response) Protection, as well as by providing SOC (Security Operations Center) services with pro-active cyber-security assistance.

“We are looking forward to implementing this solution. We believe it will bring our fleet to the cutting edge in terms of IT efficiency and cyber security, and that it will deliver many operational benefits.”

Ivo Terhell, Navarino VP for European Sales says, “We are delighted to share our vision for digital innovation in IT management with Vroon. Quazar is not a black box – its flexibility and advanced technology sets a new reference in the maritime IT world.

“With its large fleet, Vroon is one of the Netherlands’ most advanced ship operators. The Company requires an IT partner that will evolve and innovate with tools and processes to provide the Vroon team with full oversight and control of operations.

“The partnership between Vroon and Navarino has quickly resulted in close-knit collaboration between both companies, working as one squad. I am proud to see that the high level of expertise on both sides has created such a strong basis for the fast roll-out plan ahead.

We thank Vroon for their confidence in us, and for the opportunity to become part of their team. I look forward to an effective collaboration for years to come.”

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